Monday, September 20, 2010

Millionaire cats

Some of the felines seem to be much more fortunate than the others! Well that's life.
  • A millionaire lawyer has left £25,000 for his beloved cats. Andrew Nimmo-Smith had around 30 cats when he died aged 85. And he has ensured their care with a donation from his £4.8million estate!
  • A Canadian man has left a fortune to his beloved cat in his will. 79-year-old Batchelor David Harper made his fortune by working hard and living frugally. In his will Mr Harper has made Red, the 3 year old tabby cat, the sole beneficiary of the $1.1million estate so that Red will be cared for for the rest of his 9 lives!
  • When British recluse Ben Rea died, he left $15 million to various cat charities, and to his cat Blackie!
  • Tinker was a stray, regularly visiting Margaret Layne, an old widow. In return for Tinker's loyalty, he was awarded a fortune. There is a $226,000 trust fund for Tinker, as well as a new home - worth about $800,000. Tinker has been joined by two lovely female cats, Lucky and Stardust!
  • Beryl Reid was an actress. She had a lovely $1.8 million cottage. She was also famous for her love of cats. So, when she died, her cats Hamish, Boon, Eileen, Coco and Tuffnel inherited. A friend was commissioned to look after them as they lived in their house!
  • Mary Burton was a church organist in Great Paxton, Cambridgeshire, Enlgand. She left her entire estate to the Wood Green Animal Shelter, provided her cat - a ginger tom - was well cared for. Fluffy, the ginger tom, received $60,000, plus the ability to live in the house and be well cared for. His diet was even specified: steamed cod, lean roast beef, milk, frexh pilchards and vegetables. Fluffy also requires plenty of sun and relaxation!
  • Brownie and Hellcat: These felines each received $415,000 in the 1960s when their owner, Dr. William Grier, died. Charlie Chan, another cat beneficiary of Grier, received $250,000!

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