Saturday, October 16, 2021

Cat cafes, what an idea!

When I first heard about cat cafes I admit that I've laughed and though it was I really crazy idea. Originated in Taiwan in 1998, the concept rapidly spread in Japan and from there slowly but steadily to the rest of the world. Nowadays sure you'll find one in your nearest city!

Cat cafes offering purr-fect coffee breaks

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Do cats have healing powers?

There are many stories of cats as healers. Research shows that simply petting a cat can lower your blood pressure. Therapy cats who visit nursing homes and bring peace and joy to patients.

Research has even shown that the frequency of a cat’s purr can aid with healing of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles as well as provide pain relief.

There’s certainly some mystery as to exactly how cats manage to be good for our health, but the facts is that cat's do help lower stress symptoms and their purring vibrations really heal!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Small wild big cats around the world

 These are the wild cousins of our beloved kitties from around the world! Aren't they just as cute and adorable? Have you ever spotted one of those outdoors?

South America: Andean cat, Geoffroy’s cat, Güiña, Jaguarundi, Margay, Ocelot, Oncilla (two species), and Pampas Cat.


Africa: African golden cat, African wildcat, Black-footed cat, Serval, Caracal, and Sand cat.


Asia: Asiatic golden cat, Asiatic wildcat, Bornean bay cat, Chinese mountain cat, Fishing cat, Flat-headed cat, Jungle cat, Javan Leopard cat, Leopard cat, Manul, Marbled cat, Clouded Leopord (two species), and Rusty-spotted cat.

Europe: European wildcat, Eurasian lynx, and Iberian lynx


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cats and quarantine, a bit of cat humor

Lately I find it particular entertaining of these jokes that deal with the COVID-19 quarantine which affects most of us. So here comes a short collection of my favorite ones. Enjoy!

Quarantined Cat Memes For Your Isolated Entertainment - Memebase ...

Quarantined Cat Memes For Your Isolated Entertainment - Memebase ...

Cat - Stay inside, practice social distancing, clean yourself constantly. OMG I've become a housecat!

cat Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

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