Monday, July 19, 2010

Cat - a great hunter

Through evolution cats have become strong and precise hunters, with fierce night vision. Hunting is in their core being, and cat hunting skills have never really been lost throughout the whole process of cat domestication. But why would well fed domestic cats need to hunt? This is a puzzle to most people as they can’t understand why cats continue to hunt, even though we provide plentiful food and water for them.
Here are some theories about it:
  • We humans are useless hunters our cats are teaching us to hunt.
  • Our cats are offering us gifts because they appreciate us.
  • Cats bring home their pray to show us that they are capable of hunting; they are showing of their skills and talents and want to be praised.
When domestic cats hunt and catch prey they often seem to play with it. There are two possible reasons why a cat does this.
Firstly, the domestic cat is rarely given the opportunity to indulge in what comes instinctively to her, hunting. So when the chance does present itself she maximizes the enjoyment and plays out the game as long as possible.
Secondly, she may just be a little fearful of getting a bite from the prey so she plays safe. She does this by battering the animal with her front paws.

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