Saturday, June 5, 2010

Interesting and strange Cat World Records

  • Most kittens produced: In 1952, a Texas Tabby named Dusty set the record by having more than 420 kittens before having her last litter at age 18.
  • The largest cat litter: On 7th August, 1970, a four year old Burmese called Tarawood Antigone, who was owned by Valerie Gane of Oxfordshire, UK, gave birth to nineteen kittens. The surviving fifteen kittens consisted of 1 female & 14 males.
  • The oldest cat mother: Kitty, owned by George Johnstone of Staffordshire, UK, gave birth to two kittens at the ripe old age of 30. During her life, Kitty produced a total of 218 kittens.
  • The oldest living cat is Creme Puff of Austin Texas. Born on August 3rd 1967, Creme Puff celebrated her 38th birthday in August 2005.
  • According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the heaviest cat on record was Himmy, an Australian cat, who weighed 46 pounds, 15.25 ounces in 1986. Himmy's waist was 33 inches!
  • The tiniest cat on record was Tinker Toy from Illinois. A male Himalayan-Persian, he weighed 1 pound, 8 ounces fully grown and was 7.25" long and 2.75" tall!
  • Mr Peebles, a 2 year old domestic cat of Central Illinois holds the Guinness Book of World Records award for the smallest living cat. Weighing in around 3lbs he is 6.1 inches high.
  • The weirdest cat on record was a female called Mincho who went up a tree in Argentina and didn't come down again until she died six years later. While treed, she managed to have three litters with equally ambitious dads.
  • The greatest number of mice killed by one cat? 28,899! Towser, a tortoise-shell tabby in charge of rodent control in Scotland, killed 28,899 mice in her 21 years. This is about four mice per day, every day, for 21 years. Towser died in 1987.
  • Richest Cat: Ben Rea left his cat Blackie £15 million in his will.
  • Eighteen toes is the normal number for cats. A five year old moggy from Ontario, Canada is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most toes. Jake has a total of 27 toes.
  • Most travelled cat: A cat by the name of Hamlet escaped from his carrier while on a flight from Toronto, Canada. Hamlet was discovered 7 weeks later behind a panel. In this time, he had travelled approximately 600,000kms.
  • Most expensive cat: An Asian Leopard Cat (ALC)/Domestic Shorthair (DSH) hybrid, bred by Esmond Gay, is the world's most expensive cat. Zeus, who is 90% ALC & 10% DSH has an asking price of £100,000.00.
  • Andy, who was owned by a Florida Senator by the name of Ken Myer holds the world record for the longest non fatal fall. Andy fell from the 16th floor (200 feet) of an apartment building.
  • Longest Post Earthquake Survival: A cat was discovered alive in a collapsed building 80 days after an earthquake in Taiwan in December 1999.
  • Jack & Donna Wright of Kingston, Ontario made their way to the Guinness Book of Records for having the highest number of cats. According to the Guinness Book of Records they have 689 cats.

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